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Is Email Marketing Worth it?

Email Marketing has changed a lot since it was started. There were times when a Blind Email Shooting to only 10000 Email IDs will give you an Unbelievable Response. But Email systems are getting smarter every year, Now we have a spam box to maintain the User Experience for Email, and that’s the only place where no Email Marketer wants to Land. But as the Market has Increased The Consumption of Emails has Also Increased. Now Even if it’s a Blind Bulk Email Shootout it Requires at least 5 Lac Emails per Campaign to get you Results even that might not be enough. Not Just Email System(SMTP) but also Email Users have grown smart They now use Multiple Email Addresses which they use separately according to their priorities.

Email Marketing has faced a Lot of Troubles throughout this entire evolution of Digital Marketing Industry. Its not just about content it is also about the Consent of the User. Your Domain Reputation, Your SMTP DNS and many more Factors. The Response Has Decreased in Bulk Email Blasting Due to the Evolution of Email Portal’s Smart evolution for great User Experience. so The Question Still Remains the Same. hos aEW

Is Email Marketing Worth it?

And the answer is Yes!. Of course, it is completely worth it if you are strategising it and not just beating around the Bush with your Content and Data. Below are the Factors which matter and How you can conquer them to Achieve Great Email Marketing Results.

  • Subscribed/Opt-in Data
  • Your Data is the Backbone of your Campaign. You Literally can’t expect yourself to land in Inbox of a User if He is not Expecting an Email from you. We Recommend you to give your Data Some time and Only Use Opt-in Data. That way you will get more Results in Less Email Shootouts.

  • User Friendly Content/Templates
  • People are fed up of those spooky noisy Emails Be Creative with your content and work on it. Hire a UX Expert who can help you with same.

  • Bulk Email Service Provider
  • Yes! Your Bulk Email Service Provider is the one who will Deliver you the Panel that will be Sending the Emails so you should make sure that you go ahead with a Good Service provider, not another Unworthy Service provider who doesn’t get you a response.

  • Marketing Automation
  • This is the best way to get the best out of your Email Campaign it is the most advance and Best way to Target your Subscribers where the Campaign Execution is also Hassle-free and Response is Unbelievable. Marketing Automation also Builds your Data and maintains the string of connection between you and your user after a certain period it will give you Creme de la creme of your Subscriber Data. to Know More about Marketing Automation Get in Touch with BitsHarbour Technologies.

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